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FTR will be having a meeting on Sept. 28th at 1:00 at the Legion in Chateaugay.

This meeting is open to all members. Discussion on club rule changes, class changes etc will be brought up. Several items have already been brought to the attention of club officers and will be discussed at the meeting they are as follows:

* Rules regarding voting for club officers.
* Moving Trail to end of day
* Trail guidelines for distances etc.
* Add additional Walk Trot classes (bring trail back, maybe add Command)
* Purchasing horse show patterns
* Moving English Pleasure classes before English Equitation classes
* Sportsmanship outside the ring and on the rail

If anyone has anything they would like to add to the agenda for the meeting please let Donna (sorrelld@aol.com) or Craig Bosley (cbosley0324@gmail.com) know. Letters will be sent to those we don't have an email for but please spread the word as well.

Any questions just drop me a note.



Attention Franklin County Fair Saddle Horse exhibitors! There will be a meeting next Wednesday, September 10, 6pm. at the Fairgrounds office.
This meeting is for those interested in discussing the Fair Saddle Horse Show program. All are welcome.

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